Blackmagic Design Television & Video Expo Tour Session Descriptions

Editing In DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve is well-known as the premiere video color correction tool in the world, but it’s editing capabilities are world class as well. This fast paced session designed for experienced editors coming from other platforms will quickly get you up to speed on all the editorial tools Resolve has to offer.

Specific topics include:

  • Importing and organizing media
  • The essentials of a sync sound workflow
  • Making edits
  • Understanding trimming in Resolve
  • Working with audio in the timeline
  • Much more!

DaVinci Resolve is free application isn’t it worth checking out how this powerful tool can enhance your editorial & finishing workflow?

Log, Raw & Color Management Workflows

These days editors, colorists and finishing artists have to contend with Log encoded video, Raw and how to best utilize Look Up Tables (LUTs) and color management systems like DaVinci Resolve Color Management.

In this session, learn what Log and Raw really mean and best practices for working with Log encoded and Raw media. We’ll dive deep discussing different Log and Raw formats including the new Blackmagic Raw format announced in September of 2018.

LUTs have become a key part of many workflows, we’ll dissect exactly how LUTs work, when to use them, and when not to, as well as how work around the ‘dumb math’ of a LUT.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the session with a quick exploration of Resolve Color Management which allows you to efficiently manage a color pipeline in Resolve no matter the format you’r working with.

Refining The Grade – Doing More With Secondary Color Correction

Color Correction is largely about getting the details of shots right – from shaping light and where a viewer should focus on screen and changing the color of a specific object, to refining skintone of an actor. All of these tasks fall under the category of secondary color correction.

In this session discover the secondary color correction tools DaVinci Resolve has to offer including:

  • Power Windows (shapes)
  • Keys (Qualifiers)
  • Secondary Curves
  • OFX tools like Face Refinement, and Patch Remover
  • And Much More!

Being able to target and adjust specific parts of a shot is a key to getting the most out of your grades.

DaVinci Resolve End To End Workflow

DaVinci Resolve is quickly becoming a super tool! In one integrated application Resolve offers editorial, color correction, audio, vfx and all the little things to support these main workflows.

This complete approach is why many around the world are standardizing on DaVinci Resolve as their postproduction tool of choice.

In this session, get a complete view of DaVinci Resolve from initial ingest to final output. We’ll explore bringing footage and timelines into Resolve and getting organized, and using Resolve’s powerful editorial tools. Next we’ll jump into Resolve’s renowned color tools to get the best look on a project.

As they say, audio is half the picture, so we’ll jump into the Fairlight page and look at making essential mix and sound design choices before moving on to the Fusion page to discover how powerful VFX can be when integrated with everything else Resolve has to offer.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the session on the Deliver page and explore exporting master files, files for video sharing services and more!

If you’ve heard about the waves that DaVinci Resolve is making, this session is your opportunity to see a complete project workflow using this powerful tool.